What Can That Hose Do?

What Can That Hose Do?

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Every so often you run into something you didn’t know about a hose. But what’s to know about a hose? They move stuff from one place to another. But, if you’re a novice to hoses, you might not know that there are hoses for specific things. Logically, you can figure that out that there are hoses for things like oil, gas, air, and water.

But what about…

  • mulch and other landscaping materials.
  • plastic pellets (used with a non-static hose).
  • non-oily air.
  • dry, abrasive foods.

So now you know ContiTech makes tough hoses. They make really tough hoses that distribute things like pebbles, sand, really hot air, and abrasive foods. We know that ContiTech makes great hoses but now we know they make tough hoses.

Call us. Rubber & Specialties can help you evaluate your needs then help you find the tough hose to fit your needs. Our number is 800-6RUBBER (800-678-2237).

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