What Are Hoses Good For?

What Are Hoses Good For?

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ContiTech has an excellent and broad selection of food grade hoses for everything from clean up to pressure washing. They come with Microban® protection your convenience.

Hoses sometimes get a bad rap. They are used in movies as instruments of torture. You know, “I’m going to give you the rubber hose treatment now,” the bad guy says.

But hoses are a good thing. For instance you can’t get water to an icemaker without a food grade hose. Rubber & Specialties can help you pick out the perfect hose you need for your business. Do you need a hose for washdown in a processing plant or a dairy? We can help you find it.

ContiTech’s hoses can stand up to high pressure and high temperatures. No torture required.

Call us at 800-6RUBBER (800-678-2237). Talk to us about your needs so we can pick out the correct hose for your needs.

For more information, see Food Washdown.

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