Three Exceptional Rescue and Fire Prevention Products

Three Exceptional Rescue and Fire Prevention Products

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When choosing rescue and fire prevention equipment, it is critical to choose safe, reliable equipment. When you have such a vital choice to make, do your research and when when you do, you’ll come to the conclusion that Eaton products are what you need.

Eaton bases its products on designs from the aerospace industry, products like the following:

  • Hoses
    • Fire suppression hoses.
    • Teflon air hoses.
    • Flexible hydraulic hoses.
  • Connectors
    • Air hose connectors.
    • Hydraulic connector hoses.
    • Fittings for sprinklers and water mist systems.
  • Accessories
    • Clamps.
    • Firesleeves

At Rubber & Specialities, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you pick the Eaton Rescue and Fire Prevention equipment to keep your people safe. Our number is 800-6RUBBER (800-678-2237). Call us so we can help.

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