Sweeper and Vacuum Truck Hoses

Sweeper and Vacuum Truck Hoses

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For Sweeper and Vacuum Trucks, the products that NovaFlex offer is second to none. Knowing that the hoses and connections see a tremendous amount of abuse from debris, NovaFlex states the following…

“The choice of the tube compound (wear material) is dependent on the elements of the application. Compounds are uniquely formulated to resist  brasion, cutting, ripping and other elements of wear. NovaFlex® utilizes the tube compounds most suited to the abrasion resistance requirements of the application being engineered. Typically, flexible material transfer hoses are designed for applications that require the adaptability to overcome  ends, offsets, misalignments, expansion or contraction and vibration. Applications with bends are particularly demanding. It is important to note that  the larger the bend radius engineered into a wear application, the greater the service life of the hose. Hose wear is always on the outside radius of the  hose bend. The greater the bend, the lower the angle of impact; therefore the lower the wear. To reduce wear, the optimum bend radius is ten times  the inside diameter of the hose.”


Here is the PDF

Novaflex Vac Truck

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