Static Dissipative Hose by Tiger-Flex

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Tiger-Flex has always carried an incredible line of thermoplastic hoses. The VOLT Series is yet another. See for yourself. Here is some information and a downloadable brochure. Voltbuster Brochure


VOLT™ Series
Heavy Duty Food Grade
Static Dissipative Polyurethane
Material Handling Hose


Construction: Static dissipative polyurethane
tube, static dissipative rigid PVC helix and
grounding wire.

Service Temperature: -40°F (-40°C) to 150°F


Benefits and Advantages


  • Superior Static Protection! – Static dissipative
    polyurethane tube, static dissipative PVC helix and stainless
    steel grounding wire work together to provide superior static
  • Food Grade Materials – Hose tube complies with FDA(05)
    requirements. Grounding wire embedded in external helix to
    prevent material contamination.
  •  Extra Thick Abrasion Resistant Single-Ply Polyurethane
    Tube – Provides for longer hose life and lower operating costs
    versus rubber or PVC hoses.
  • Transparent Construction – “See-the-flow”. Allows for
    visual confirmation of material flow.
  • “Cold-Flex” Materials – Hose remains flexible in sub-zero
  • Easy Slide Helix – Rigid helix design protects hose tube from
    wear; allows hose to slide easily over rough surfaces. Easy to


General Applications:


  • Bulk truck and railcar unloading
  • Fly ash collection
  • Food grade material handling –
    heavy duty abrasive
  • Material handling – heavy duty abrasive
  • Milling machine scrap recovery
  • Pharmaceutical product transfer
  • Plastic processing equipment
  • Pneumatic conveying equipment


Like I said, this is a great hose if you need the protection from static.


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