Safety and OSHA Regs for your Outside Air Application

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Are you following OSHA Regulations for your jobsite air compressor? If you have ever had a safety violation with an injury or an OSHA fine, you know the importance. If your guys have ever built a homemade reserve tank, or connected tool hoses without a safety check valve or whip check cable, you might need to check out the OSHA regs below.

OSHA Regulations
ASME Air Receiver Manifold-
1910.169; 1926.306
King Safety Cable-
1926.302 (b1)
Air King Safety Clip-
1926.302 (b2)
Safety Check Valve-
1926.302 (b7)
Safety Vented Ball Valve-



Dixon Air_Receiver_Manifold_Brochure PDF

Dixon Outside Air Applications 2012 PDF


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