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Today I would like to share with you some of the ways that we recommend protecting your hose. We offer serval other brands and types, but for now we are going to talk about Pig’s Tail.

First off, the guys there are really great to work with and always willing to help out when trying to find the best solution when it’s time to add some protection to your industrial or hydraulic hose. As a matter of fact recently I was working with a customer of mine and found out that Pig’s Tail even offered a coil type cover that would fit my customers 6″ ID petroleum hose!

Here are three products they offer that I want to share with you.

1. Service Plug:

On another note, one of the neatest products they offer is their Service Plug. This is a simple rubber cone shaped plug to use when you are removing a hose for service, repair, or replace your hose or equipment. The Service Plug eliminates the need for all the different caps and plug many mechanics keep in their tool box. Why? Because these three sizes of Service Plugs cover up to an 1-1/2″ port. Quite simply, during service, it keeps contaminates out and fluid in your system.

Download: Service Plug Flyer

2. Coil Wrap
This is mainly for protecting a hose from abrasion, but I have also seen several other customers use this to bundle a small group of hoses. Three very interesting things about this is that it is available in multiple colors, available for hoses up to 6″ ID, and is available in a GLOW-IN-THE-DARK style.

Download: Night Glow Brochure Distributor 

Download: NIGHTGLOW Information Sheet     

Download: Pig’sTail Broch_Distributor

3. Anti-Abrasion Sleeve
The Anti-Abrasion Sleeve is probably one of the classic means of protecting hoses from abrasion. Not only does this give a more appealing look to hose assemblies, but it also serves a much needed purpose of protecting you new investment from the elements. Obviously this covers abrasion, but if your assembly is in direct sunlight throughout the day, I would recommend using the sleeve. After all there isn’t much that is man made that can withstand the abuse of the sun for very long.

Download: Anti Abrasion Brochure

Later I will share some other ways to protect your hose assemblies, but these accessories by Pig’s Tail are definitely worth checking out.

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  1. Kyler Brown


    I have some hoses that I use with my pressure washer, and unfortunately they go bad sometimes. I often have to replace a hose or two, so this advice came in handy for me. I’ve never heard of a pig’s tail protector before, but it seems worth a shot if it can help to prevent abrasion. Thanks for posting this!

    • Please give us a call if I can help.

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