Keeping you afloat with NovaFlex

Keeping you afloat with NovaFlex

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Download the brochure here: NovaFlex Marine Brochure

You have this amazing boat and you’re out on the water every weekend. It’s the one thing you look forward to all week. Spending time with family and friends on the water is important to you so, of course, you want to take care of the boat. That’s why you want NovaFlex Marine Hoses.

NovaFlex combines the high performance hoses you need to maintain your boat with the safety you require. How can you tell that at NovaFlex high performance and safety are important? NovaFlex Marine Hoses have the following characteristics.

• Hoses are flexible for easy installation and clamping.
• Fire and ozone resistant conduit and ventilation ducting is important for safety.
• Easily installed water exhaust and intake hoses that meet or exceed industry standards.
• All fuel system hoses meet SAE and ISO standards plus they are also IMCI certified.
• Silicone rubber is used in the flexible exhaust hoses and connectors to reduce noise and vibration, and they are resistant to high temperatures.
• Finally, the sanitation hoses use superior materials to protect against embarrassing odors.

Rubber & Specialties, Inc. is a NovaFlex dealer and, like NovaFlex, we are a family owned business. We’ve been around the Gulf Coast for over 40 year. A company doesn’t stay around that long without providing excellent service and putting people first. Our clients are important to us so we only offer the best and NovaFlex is the best. We offer the following hoses:

• Water systems.
• Conduit/Ventilation Systems.
• Exhaust Systems.
• Fuel Systems.
• Sanitation Systems.

Call us at 800-6RUBBER or visit us on the Web at and let us help you keep your weekend boating on track with NovaFlex hoses.