Hydraulic System Contamination Prevention – Video

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Since 80% of hydraulic system failures are due to contamination, we take the Ultra Clean steps to ensure you have a clean hose assembly.

Back when I was in the Marine Corps Reserves it was our responsibility to punch the bore of our rifles after a weekend at the rifle range or a field drill. This was obviously needed to keep our weapons clean and in the best shape possible. Never could we imagine a failure in a firefight due to a dirty weapon.

The same principle applies to your hydraulic system. When you are out there getting the job done, you certainly don’t want downtime, especially due to unseen contamination from your hydraulic hose.

Though the steps are simple, this is what we do:

  1. Clean it – using the Ultra Clean pneumatic projectile launcher
  2. Cap it – using the Ultra Clean Seal System

Click HERE to view the Ultra Clean Technology website and view more videos.

Also, if you are building your own hose assemblies and would like us to set you up to build Ultra Clean assemblies, let us know. We are happy to help.

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