How Hoses are Constructed

How Hoses are Constructed

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As you read through our posts about ContiTech hoses, some of the features cited are about materials in the hose. But how is a hose constructed? ContiTech hoses are constructed with quality in mind and they have no problem showing you exactly how those hoses are constructed.

A hose is composed of three layers,

  • Cover – The cover is the outside layer you see when you look at the hose. It protects the other two internal sections from abrasions, weather, and normal wear.
  • Body or carcass – Supporting structure of the hose and is reinforced by several materials including yarn, wire, fabric, or any combination.
  • Tube or lining – Inside part of the hose made of compounded material created to hand the materials flowing through.

Now you know the parts that make up the hose, how is it constructed? ContiTech makes over 2,000 hoses but there are basically four construction methods.

  • Vertical braided hose.
  • Spiral hose.
  • Hand-built spiral plied hose.
  • Knitted hose.

If you want to know the construction details, read Basic Hose Construction for more information. After you read through the content, call us at Rubber and Specialties so we can help you find the ContiTech hose you need. Our number is 800-6RUBBER (800-678-2237). We can help.

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