Why is Groovy a Good Thing?

Why is Groovy a Good Thing?

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Gaskets are essential when you need a tight connection but would you really call them groovy? Probably not in the pop cultural sense of the word but the Dixon Vic/Baylast Grooved gaskets are groovy. Literally. They have grooves. So they’re groovy.

Do you know what else is interesting about these gaskets? They are color coded so you can tell, at-a-glance, how the gasket should be used. Now that is a great idea. Gasket color codes include the following:

  • 1 orange stripe = Buna.
  • 1 blue stripe = FKM-A.
  • 2 red stripes = FKM-B.
  • 2 orange stripes = Baylast.
  • 1 green = EPDM.
  • White gasket = Buna.

The next thing you need to know is that the gaskets range in size from 2″ to 4″ and they are rated for gas, diesel, crude oil, E10-E100 and up to 100% bio-deisel.

If you need a groovy gasket, you know who call. Rubber & Specialties of course. Call us at 800-6RUBBER (800-678-2237) we we can get you hooked up.

For more information, see Baylast Grooved Gaskets.

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