Four Advantages of Swivel Joints

Four Advantages of Swivel Joints

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Sometimes you need a swivel joint that gives you reliable 360º. Eaton makes reliable swivel joints to make your work easier. Even better the joints are available for use in several industrial settings.

Stationary joints are great when you need them. Swivel joints, however, have several advantages over stationary fixtures.

  1. Less hose is required.
  2. No need to accommodate for sharp or awkward angles.
  3. No need for adapters.
  4. Hoses don’t kink so there is no need to stop work to fix a hose.

Since there are several different types of swivels, Eaton provides a nice decision guide. Come by or call Rubber & Specialties so we can help you identify the swivel you need. Our number is 800-6RUBBER (800-678-2237).

For more information, see Eaton Swivel Joints.

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