Flexco Bolt Plate Fasteners: The industry standard for long lasting splices

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Aside from the title, this is just about the industry standard for a solid fastener, especially when installing these in the field. Where I find these to be the most useful is in an aggregate mining application. When using hinged lacing the sand and grit will likely wear out the hinge pin long before the operator wants to change another belt. However, using these plate fasteners will eliminate that kind of wear and tear simply because there is no pin. So, the three reasons for using the Flexco Bolt Plate Fasteners are simple:

  1. Simple design – I don’t mean that it is a low quality, I mean there are no moving parts. Once installed on the belt there isn’t really anything for aggregates to tear up.
  2. Simple installation – Basically all you need is the pattern plate and the right nut driver. Of course you will want to cut the belt straight, drill your holes on a 2 x 4, and make sure you have an impact wrench.
  3. Who needs a third reason? It’s just that simple.

Ok, all kidding aside, when repairing, splicing, or replacing a heavy duty belt, these fasteners are the stongest way to go.

To download your copy of the Flexco Bolt Plate Fasteners brochure, click there >> Bolt Solid Plate Fasteners


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