Five Reasons to Use Flexmaster Joints

Five Reasons to Use Flexmaster Joints

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Eaton Flexmaster joints are top-of-the-line when it comes to joining pipes whether they are plain end tubes or hard pipe and even misaligned pipes. When you need a quick quick or quick disconnect joints, for repairs Flexmaster is what you want to make the work go quickly. These joints are great because:

  • They can be used on plain end pipes and tubes. No special preparation required. Just cut the pipe and go.
  • Reduces vibration and noise.
  • Misalignments are not a problem. The bulged joint can accommodate up to 4° misalignment
  • Easy to install without special tools.
  • Joints can be made to order with special configurations and sealing materials.

As a bonus, Flexmaster joints can handle up to 300 psi depending on the type of application and size. Need more information? Rubber & Specialties has it so give us a call at 800-6RUBBER (800-678-2237). We can help you find the joint that fits your needs.

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