How are Fittings Related to Safety?

How are Fittings Related to Safety?

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When it’s time to empty an oil or gas tanker, you want the tightest connections you can find and then some. The Dixon Vent-Lock Safety Cam and Groove Couplings are built for just this purpose and Rubber & Specialties carries them.

When emptying a tank, you want the product to get from point A to point B without leaks at the connections point. Dixon has that. Then, when disconnecting, you want to avoid spraying the operator and the operator surely doesn’t want to be sprayed because it can be dangerous. Dixon keeps that from happening.

What else, do these Dixon products provide?

  • Safety release cam and groove couplings.
  • Vent system to prevent spraying.
  • 250 PSI rating based on mating Dixon L-style fittings at 70° ambient temperature with Buna-N seal installed.

Call us at 800-6RUBBER (800-678-2237). We want to talk to you about what Rubber & Specialities and Dixon can do to help.

For more information, see Vent-Lock Safety Cam and Groove Couplings.

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