Feb 3rd Industrial Services and Distribution Council Meeting

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Greetings Area Business Partner,
Here in the Escambia and Santa Rosa County areas we are entering some incredible times. It doesn’t take much to see the work and development that has been going on in our community. For that reason is why I am writing to you today. Now more than ever the Greater Pensacola Chamber of Commerce is giving ear and voice to those of us in the industrial market. Under the leadership of Jerry Maygarden and now president Clay Ingram, the Chamber has realized the need for companies like yours and mine.

Since my attendance and involvment with Chamber events over the past two years, I have seen many opportunities available to Chamber partners that are in place to help us grow our businesses. Three benefits that have stood out to me are:

Resources for running our business better,
• Opportunities to strengthen our local networks,
• And the invitation to be “in-the-know” and ahead of the game concerning area economic development.

Last summer the Chamber asked me to chair a committee that focuses those resources on those of us in the industrial market. So, here are some things we have been working on.

1. Creating a series of quarterly events in which the sole purpose is to highlight the above listed benefits.
2. Hosting an area wide industrial tradeshow that will bring industrial service and distribution companies as well as major manufacturing to the table.
3. Promoting our businesses to area economic development offices as they promote our area to the rest of the world.

Lastly, to echo the words of Truit Cathy, the late and former CEO of Chik-fil-a, “If we become better, our customers will demand we become bigger.” This is simple yet profound. Afterall, what we all want to do is strengthen and grow our businesses, and I believe here are some resources to do just that.

On October 28th we had the first of our quarterly events. I must say that it was a wonderful success. Each of us learned a lot about economic development in our area, and we had some great discussion on what we can do to manage our businesses better. Coming up on February 3rd at 5:00pm we will hold out second meeting at the Scenic Hills Country Club. This time we will have Bill Johnson from ECUA as our keynote speaker to discuss some of the upcoming projects they will soon embark upon. At this quarterly event we will further indtroduce our efforts, prove the benefits listed above, and most importantly… hear from you. We want to hear from what you have to say about business. Register today by calling the Chamber at 850-438-4081 or going online to www.pensacolachamber.com/events.

Lance M. Cook

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