Expansion Joints


Expansion Joints For All Purposes

Rubber & Specialties, Inc. has worked for 40 years to build quality expansion joints for our customers all across the Gulf Coast region. Chemical plants, military bases, shipyards, mining operations, municipalities, and others have been relying on our products to help maintain their facilities and equipment. We use a combination of in-house welders and many custom joint manufacturers from across the country to create the perfect solution for each customer.

Uses of Expansion Joints

Expansion joints are designed to absorb expansion and movement, typically between pipe, due to heat, vibration, and environmental factors. They are an essential part of many different industrial and business enterprises, and are broadly intended to keep large mechanical or industrial systems stable under stress.

Types of Expansion Joints

  • Rubber Joints
  • Metal Joints
  • PTFE
  • Fabric
  • Metal Hose
  • Fan & Duct Connectors
  • Rubber Pipe Connectors

Our employees and partners use strong, stable equipment and proven techniques to design products that will hold up to the toughest modern industrial needs.

If you’re interested in inquiring about any of our products, feel free to contact us today!