Don’t Bring a Garden Hose to a Heavy Duty Job

Don’t Bring a Garden Hose to a Heavy Duty Job

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Heavy duty jobs require heavy duty equipment which, in turn, requires heavy duty hoses. ContiTech heavy duty air and maintenance hoses are just what you need in a rough environment. Whether you’re working in a harsh industrial environment or a harsh outside environment like a quarry or mine, this is the hose you want.

Regardless of the environment or the material flowing through the hose, ContiTech has a wide range of products to meet those needs. Depending on the hose, they can handle temperatures as low as -40º and as high as 220º. Construction includes a combination of heavy duty textiles, braided materials, wire, and wrapped finishes to maintain hose integrity in a variety of harsh environments.

Want to know more? Download the ContiTech Air and Maintenance Heavy Duty Hose PDF, then call Rubber & Specialties so we can help you select the hose that meets your needs. Our number is 800-6RUBBER (800-678-2237).

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