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Posted by Erin Collins on Jan 10, 2017 Hose reels are a relatively simple piece of machinery, yet they serve a pivotal function in a variety of different industrial applications, providing safety and added efficiency to any business requiring the use of hose, cord, or cable. Because of the many different circumstances and features encompassed…
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Butterfly Valves: A Solution for LPS

    The shift towards renewable energy sources like solar and wind is inevitable to meet growing electricity needs, yet for the present, our society remains reliant on oil and gas to fuel our daily lives. With U.S. natural gas production projected to rise by 15% through 2050, much of this demand stems from increased export…
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Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques for Hydraulic Fittings

Experienced professionals recognize that the reliability of hydraulic systems hinges on the quality of their fittings. These fittings must endure high pressures and remain compatible with both the tube or hose and the media being transported within the system. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain hydraulic systems diligently. While issues like improper torquing or incorrectly sized fittings are easily identifiable…
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Making the right choice with duckbill check valves

Low-cost components like check valves can make a huge difference to a major installation if the wrong specification or choices are made. Make sure you make the right decision on check valves for your application. Inspired by nature, the duckbill valve is a simple check or one-way valve that is formed from a flexible material…
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Understanding Sanitary Check Valves

Often overlooked but critical in function, check valves play a vital role in maintaining the efficiency, safety, and integrity of sanitary processes. Go with the flow as we delve into the details of the types and applications of sanitary check valves. Overview Check valves are installed in sanitary processes to allow flow in one direction…
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Motor driven hose reels are the last of the three main types of reels available for the industrial market. Unlike the spring driven and hand crank reels, motor driven, also commonly referred to as automatic retraction, reels can be used for essentially all types of applications and hoses. The most distinguishing variation between different types…
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