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Compression Fitting Types and Applications

Compression fittings, a term often interchangeable with instrumentation or tube fittings, are made up of a compression nut, ferrule and fitting body. There are single and double ferrule compression fittings, each suitable for a leak tight seal. However, double ferrule fittings are used in higher pressure applications and provide superior media containment. Both types are…
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How to Identify NPT Thread and Other Hydraulic Fitting Types

Just about every industrial application utilizes machinery and equipment powered by hydraulics, from agricultural, earthmoving, and snow removal machines to industrial diecasting and molding equipment, oil and gas exploration, construction and demolition, automotive manufacturing, aerospace, aeronautics, and more. The vast number of applications powered by hydraulic systems require countless different types of hydraulic fittings and adapters with…
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Breaking the Mold with Superior Forged Fittings and Valves

Along with the location of the cultural history of man, forging metals began with the Sumerians in the land between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers in Mesopotamia, dating back to around 4500 B.C. Beginning in the Middle East, the forming of metals by forging eventually spread throughout Europe and Asia. By first forming metals…
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Basics of Compression Fittings

What are Compression Fittings? Compression fittings are a type of coupling used to connect two pipes or a pipe to a fixture or valve. They are a strong and reliable connection that tightens down a sleeve over a joint to prevent a leak. Compression fittings are wrench tightened and do not require any flaring, soldering,…
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What is a rubber expansion joint? A rubber expansion joint is a flexible connector to absorb noise, shock, vibration, physical and thermal energy. Made of natural or synthetic elastomers it may be internally reinforced with fabrics and metal for strength and pressure resistance whilst metal reinforcement may be used externally for movement control. Why Use…
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Are Hydraulic Fittings NPT?

Hydraulic fittings come in many sizes and styles. While NPT fittings (National Pipe Taper) are sometimes considered the most common thread style in the U.S. and Canada, others claim JIC (Joint Industry Council) SAE 37 fittings are the most popular in North America. Globally, the more practical metric threads are the most prevalent, with DIN (Deutsche Industrial Norme) German style being the most frequently used.  The popularity of JIC fittings is primarily due to their straight threads with…
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